Sunday, 26 February 2012

Still Going...

Well, the interview didn't go great unfortunately, I feel that I wasn't in the best frame of mind and let myself down. But, what's done is done and I can't do anything about it now. On the plus side, I did manage to avoid being murdered when in London. So count the blessings while they're there.

On the general misery front, things are getting better. I've had a pretty neutral week, nothing went particularly well, but nothing went particularly badly, so maybe my fortune's just about shifted. And although I am still upset about the break-up, I'm beinning to believe that it actually wasn't my fault. The girl had too many issues, was very narrow minded and very much out for herself, so it was never going to work, not when I was sacrificing my career to stay with her, when I should have moved away to a city, I stayed for her. But, now I'm free to pursue my career as I should have.

Which brings me to Lent, and my decision to give up girls. Although this will easily be the single hardest thing to give up, I have to stop putting my love life ahead of my professional life. I have too much to work for and I have to make myself happy for me, not because I have a pretty girl on my arm. Focusing on my career, making money is now the main priority in my life, albeit it many years too late. I'm still young, I can find love later. For now, I'm a working lad!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Just when you thought...

There are times when everything is going wrong for you, and you cling on to the hope that something will go right for you. Well, last week, everything went wrong. The girlfriend is now an ex-girlfriend, which has thoroughly broken my heart and I have honestly never felt so empty. My car is teetering on the edge of whether it wants to run fine or drink like a fish, which is also inconvenient. Several phone interviews went quite rapidly nowhere. So I'm left, begging any greater power out there that this interview on Wednesday goes well. It's no longer a case of I would like this job, I need it, I need to get away from the poison of where I currently live and start afresh.

When you hit rock bottom, all you can do is pray that there isn't an earthquake soon to cover you in. I know the only way things can go is up, but I am still filled with a sense of due dread.

Being positive right now isn't happening, though I am just about managing to use all my self restraint to not push everyone away however hard it is. I need my friends atm, but I am pretty scared as to whether they'll hurt me and abandon me too.

Friday, 17 February 2012

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Different Kid

Well let me talk... okay, it's a RANT!

Now, this is something that really irks me, I know there will be people who will argue for it, but to me this is ridiculous. This something is people who claim that something has happened that breaches their Human Rights.

Obviously there will be cases in which some incident or act has actually breached their Human Rights, and then they have every right to take the responsible party to court and gain some kind of recuperation.

However this 'Students Lose Human Rights Case' is what annoys me.

That link (I hope you read it) is about two students that tried to argue that the rise in tuition fees (I do agree it is a rather large raise) contravenes their Human Rights. I mean, in what way!? University education (College for any American readers) is not a given right, how does it effect their quality of life?! In America, parents save thousands of dollars to put their children through College, over here, University education will be paid for until the graduate is earning enough to pay it back!

I would love some kind of repercussion for peope who bring up totally frivilous lawsuits, just to act as a deterrent from people acting in such a stupid manner.

Human Rights should include: Basic Education, Shelter, Food, Clothing and maybe a few other things, that's what makes it a right, not a luxury!

Anyway, rant over. I hope it was relatively clear in the point I was trying to make (even though I am a graduate myself). I've gained another interview, which means travelling to London again in the coming weeks, which I'm looking forward to as a move would be good for me atm I feel. And I'm furthering the process with the rather dubious sounding job. The company, should anyone who reads this want to have a look is called Kanji Fx, their website suggests they're a large company, but the whole thing seems a bit good to be true, however, I will continue with this and keep you posted on any developments that are made, both good and bad.

P.S. I've recently had a bit of a fiddle with the fonts and colours etc. Try and liven things up a bit, let me know what you think!

P.P.S. In an attempt to drum up some more followers I've joined Blog Links Exchange, hopefully people will find my blog on there and who knows, maybe I'll find some blogs of interest to me!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Thinking about it, one thing I forgot to mention was that I did get a job offer today, I can't help but question the legitimacy of it, however, it is offering me the chance to work from home, for a couple of hours a day for in excess of £1000 a month. Which isn't something I can really turn down right now!

Otherwise I am currently looking forward to my interview next week, really hoping I get some good news from it as I would really like a change in my fortune. It would require relocation, from Cornwall to London, which is different in just about every way. No sea, no expanses of green and more people in the an area of London equal to one field in Cornwall than exists in the entirity of the little county stuck on the end.

Fingers crossed!

Where are you Silver Lining?!

Originally created just to give me a little bit of venting from the situation I was embroiled in, I may now find myself on this a lot more given the almost imminent change in my status.

However, I can't let it hold me back, I have to keep looking forward, as painful as it may well be, but maybe it will be time for a fresh start. Maybe a move away from the area to somewhere a bit more lively, new social life, social circles and hopefully a new job if the coming interviews go well.

But nonetheless, I will persever, I'm sure there is much I can do, it's just a case of finding it.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst; exactly what I'm doing, acting like everything is going to go down the shitter, but inside me I'm clinging on like a gecko. I won't let go until all hope is gone, but I'll carry on, and who knows, I might even cheer up this page a little bit!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

First Blood

And so comes the dawning of a new blog, new complaints and yet another kid with another problem venting in the aether of internet anonymity. At no point will I promise this blog to be regularly updated, nor will I promise extended prose, or even decent sentence structure. I'm sure that as long as I keep this blog online a point will come where my rage will reduce me to a sputtering imbecile, uttering and spouting some level of gibberish and profanity, but these days will come to anyone eventually.

I'm not going to declare that 'I hate my life' or even that I dislike it, quite to the contrary, I for the most part enjoy my life, it is more the little things that become insurmountable if left unattended, these will become the focus of this blog.