Friday, 17 February 2012

Well let me talk... okay, it's a RANT!

Now, this is something that really irks me, I know there will be people who will argue for it, but to me this is ridiculous. This something is people who claim that something has happened that breaches their Human Rights.

Obviously there will be cases in which some incident or act has actually breached their Human Rights, and then they have every right to take the responsible party to court and gain some kind of recuperation.

However this 'Students Lose Human Rights Case' is what annoys me.

That link (I hope you read it) is about two students that tried to argue that the rise in tuition fees (I do agree it is a rather large raise) contravenes their Human Rights. I mean, in what way!? University education (College for any American readers) is not a given right, how does it effect their quality of life?! In America, parents save thousands of dollars to put their children through College, over here, University education will be paid for until the graduate is earning enough to pay it back!

I would love some kind of repercussion for peope who bring up totally frivilous lawsuits, just to act as a deterrent from people acting in such a stupid manner.

Human Rights should include: Basic Education, Shelter, Food, Clothing and maybe a few other things, that's what makes it a right, not a luxury!

Anyway, rant over. I hope it was relatively clear in the point I was trying to make (even though I am a graduate myself). I've gained another interview, which means travelling to London again in the coming weeks, which I'm looking forward to as a move would be good for me atm I feel. And I'm furthering the process with the rather dubious sounding job. The company, should anyone who reads this want to have a look is called Kanji Fx, their website suggests they're a large company, but the whole thing seems a bit good to be true, however, I will continue with this and keep you posted on any developments that are made, both good and bad.

P.S. I've recently had a bit of a fiddle with the fonts and colours etc. Try and liven things up a bit, let me know what you think!

P.P.S. In an attempt to drum up some more followers I've joined Blog Links Exchange, hopefully people will find my blog on there and who knows, maybe I'll find some blogs of interest to me!

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  1. I agree, if you bring up a pointless lawsuit you should receive a fine based on how much time was wasted. In America these come up all the time, like spilling hot coffee on yourself and trying to get rich off of it.

    Also, I like the new look of your blog!
    -Ryan (