Monday, 20 February 2012

Just when you thought...

There are times when everything is going wrong for you, and you cling on to the hope that something will go right for you. Well, last week, everything went wrong. The girlfriend is now an ex-girlfriend, which has thoroughly broken my heart and I have honestly never felt so empty. My car is teetering on the edge of whether it wants to run fine or drink like a fish, which is also inconvenient. Several phone interviews went quite rapidly nowhere. So I'm left, begging any greater power out there that this interview on Wednesday goes well. It's no longer a case of I would like this job, I need it, I need to get away from the poison of where I currently live and start afresh.

When you hit rock bottom, all you can do is pray that there isn't an earthquake soon to cover you in. I know the only way things can go is up, but I am still filled with a sense of due dread.

Being positive right now isn't happening, though I am just about managing to use all my self restraint to not push everyone away however hard it is. I need my friends atm, but I am pretty scared as to whether they'll hurt me and abandon me too.


  1. Sometimes life gets tough.

    Keep going. These bad moments lead you to enjoy the good ones.

  2. I'm praying for you that the job interview goes well. I hope my prayers are okay, I usually ask first but in this case I know you really need it.
    -Ryan (