Sunday, 26 February 2012

Still Going...

Well, the interview didn't go great unfortunately, I feel that I wasn't in the best frame of mind and let myself down. But, what's done is done and I can't do anything about it now. On the plus side, I did manage to avoid being murdered when in London. So count the blessings while they're there.

On the general misery front, things are getting better. I've had a pretty neutral week, nothing went particularly well, but nothing went particularly badly, so maybe my fortune's just about shifted. And although I am still upset about the break-up, I'm beinning to believe that it actually wasn't my fault. The girl had too many issues, was very narrow minded and very much out for herself, so it was never going to work, not when I was sacrificing my career to stay with her, when I should have moved away to a city, I stayed for her. But, now I'm free to pursue my career as I should have.

Which brings me to Lent, and my decision to give up girls. Although this will easily be the single hardest thing to give up, I have to stop putting my love life ahead of my professional life. I have too much to work for and I have to make myself happy for me, not because I have a pretty girl on my arm. Focusing on my career, making money is now the main priority in my life, albeit it many years too late. I'm still young, I can find love later. For now, I'm a working lad!


  1. Glad to see you were able to shift your priorities before it was too late.
    -Ryan (

  2. Your too right, you should put you first :)